Working with heavy machinery requires a great deal of management and organisation. When this machinery breaks down unexpectedly, it can throw you into chaos. What is worse is when the cause of that breakdown is a delay and consequent loss of work. To find out whether delaying this maintenance could cost you severely, Stegrah Mobile Maintenance can offer you some opinion on what could go wrong.

How likely is an unexpected breakdown?

The reason that most project managers maintenance is that they believe that the machines will keep on going until the end of the project. Even when they have learnt how much a breakdown could cost, they still hope that the machine will keep going to outlast their work. However, the longer you leave the maintenance, the more likely it is that this breakdown will occur suddenly, and that it will be irrevocable.

How serious is a breakdown?

When a piece of heavy machinery breaks down, it can be a serious problem that you should not overlook. Idle time alone can equal as much as 800 hours of lost production. This means that downtime for a machine rapidly runs into thousands of dollars. Simply by asking the Stegrah Mobile Maintenance team to help you, you could avoid this problem completely.

What are the costs of repairing machines?

Another reason why these machines need to be maintained regularly is that when pieces breakdown they can be expensive to replace. A well-maintained engine may only need parts changed out every so often, but a breakdown can cause serious damage, and this is why it may be important for you to organise maintenance on a regular basis.

Lack of coverage

You may be surprised to hear that in addition to downtime and expensive repairs, a machinery breakdown may also not be covered by your insurance. If you have not had the machinery maintained regularly, this may mean that it is now out of warranty, and your liability cover might refuse your claim. This could leave you severely out of pocket.

Get your heavy machinery serviced today

If you want to make sure that all of your machinery is functioning properly, you need to reach out to Stegrah Mobile Maintenance and ask them to organise heavy equipment maintenance and repairs for your machines. Start today by leaving your details using our enquiry form or call us on 07 4960 1639 today.