When you have problems with heavy machinery, then you need to call out a specialist team who can help you to repair the equipment as soon as possible. A heavy machinery mechanic is an extremely specialised type of vehicle repair man who works with larger machinery. If you want to know more about how our teams can help you to get your equipment back on the road, you need to speak to Stegrah Mobile Maintenance today.

What is heavy machinery?

If you work with large vehicles, particularly those involved with earthmoving, traction, portable engines or bulldozers, then you are working with some of the different types of vehicles that would be described as heavy machinery or heavy equipment. Our teams have a lot of experience in dealing with a variety of larger vehicles that need specialist repairs.

What do we work on?

As a heavy equipment mechanic, our teams at Stegrah Mobile Maintenance will work on a variety of farm equipment and construction vehicles, including forklifts, bulldozers, cranes and tractors. They may also extend to public transportation such as buses, and other large vehicles of that type.

Testing vehicles for repair

Our teams have a number of roles within the treatment and care of these vehicles, and some of them include testing heavy machinery for faults and diagnosing problems with the vehicles themselves or with their components. By working hard, we can often diagnose the cause of the repair within our team.

Repairing heavy machinery

We perform a number of fixes for engines and other machineries that do not work. In addition, Stegrah Mobile Maintenance mechanics will perform tune-ups, and routine servicing for these vehicles. This can help them to run for longer and remain on the road and functioning in a safe condition.

Engine Repair & Rebuilding

On our team, sometimes our mechanics will perform other types of work on heavy machinery, including overhauling and dismantling engines, transmissions and brakes, or altering steering mechanisms to ensure that they are safe and able to function properly while being used by your drivers.

Getting the most out of the machinery

If you think that your machines require some kind of assistance, then you should call Stegrah Mobile Maintenance and our heavy machinery mechanic team. We can help you repair and overhaul all kinds of large vehicles, so contact us today either using our online enquiry form or by calling 07 4960 1639 now.