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Specialised Heavy machinery Mechanics

There is no better place for your piece of Earthmoving equipment, truck trailer or crane than Stegrah Mobile Maintenances specialised mechanical workshop.

It is here where our fully qualified and experienced team of diesel fitters and truck mechanics can guarantee you’ll receive unbeatable service with honest upfront pricing. Our capabilities include:

Although heavy machinery mechanical may seem to be something of a simple job, they can be unendingly complex and vital to the operations of any industrial business.

If you've got any earthmoving or other major industrial equipment that needs to be serviced or repaired, Stegrah Mobile Maintenance are the perfect service for you.

Our team of experts and range of advanced technical diagnostic tools mean that we are able to offer high-end solutions to your mechanical repair issues, at a very reasonable price point. Give us a call on (07) 4960 1639 today!

How Do I Know If My Equipment Is Due For Maintenance?

Your heavy equipment needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep it going for longer. Please do not hesitate to call in our team as soon as a warning light comes on. Take better care of your machines by calling our machinery mechanic to your Mackay site when maintenance is required.

There are several reasons why you should reach out to Stegrah Mobile Maintenance today.
In addition to getting your machinery serviced each year, you may also need to call in our teams when you get indications that your machine is not working as effectively. If you are not able to immediately detect the obvious signs of wear and tear becoming something more serious, then there are some things that you can learn to spot before your machinery goes wrong.

Exhaust Problem In Heavy Machinery

If you notice trouble with the exhaust in your machine, you should call in Stegrah Mobile Maintenance on (07) 4960 1639 as soon as possible.

It is not always easy to spot problems with the exhaust, but if there is discoloration or a layer of material in your exhaust pipe, or discoloured exhaust on use, then this means that there could be a serious issue including vent failure or clogged air filters.

Problems With Fluid Levels

Your heavy machinery needs a lot of fluid to function properly.

Without the right level of fluid, you could wear down the metal parts of the machine, and cause failure. If you have a problem with constantly dropping fluid, then leaks from the hose or a blocked valve can be the problem, and you should call Stegrah Mobile Maintenance immediately.

Strange Sounds

Your heavy machinery naturally makes quite a lot of noise, but if you are hearing a lot of odd sounds coming from the device, then you might need a lot more help.
Hissing suggests a leak, knocking suggests hydraulic problems and grinding sound suggests pumps might be in the wrong position. We can help you to resolve these issues quickly.

Modern Diagnostic Equipment & Technologies

Here at Stegrah, we use some of the best tools in the industry to establish exactly what the issue is with your machinery and the best possible solution to get it back to its best in no time at all. No matter what the issue, there's always a solution waiting to be found.

After our mechanics have listened to your requirements, we can then make use of the latest in computer diagnostic technology, including a truck scan tool and CAT electronic technician systems. These products allow us to plug in and read any make and model of truck, crane or earthmoving equipment to quickly find the source of faults. Book your machinery in today!
There is a range of features of our services that sets us apart from the rest of the field, all of which make our services some of the best on the market. Just a few of these are listed below - a snapshot of what Stegrah Mobile Maintenance can offer you if you call us in need of urgent assistance and repairs.

Heavily Experienced
  • Our friendly team have a huge range of experience, having used both small and large machines and knowing a wide range of solutions to resolve issues in all of them.
  • Whether you're coming with a large scale land excavation vehicle or a simple car that has a fault, our team's decades of combined experience will be able to find a solution that works well for you.

Quick Turn Around Time
  • Our depth of experience means that everything we do will be done in the most efficient way possible. You won't need to pay over the odds for a fix and we'll get your machinery back to you in no time at all.
Our friendly team of experts are always ready, willing and able to help our customers with any issues you may have, no matter the size or scale.
When you come to Stegrah, you can expect high-quality service using the best tools available at a very reasonable price. Get in touch with Stegrah today for a quote!